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Company Profile

Qingdao Kexin Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in pillow packaging machine and automatic packing settle scheme. We are the pioneer and leader for the domestic pillow packaging machine development.

Fagang Li, the chief designer of Qingdao 450 type pillow packing machine, lead a senior engineer team with over several decades years’ R&D experience on mechanotronics mechanical-electrical integration. We have first-class R&D and invention capability, obtain several proprietary intellectual property rights and over 10 invent patents in domestic and abroad.

With over 20 year’s R&D experience on pillow packing machine, we popularize a new type ultra-high double-line pillow packing machine. One roll of film on the packing machine can be divided into two parts automatically and pack two lines of objects simultaneously. One machine can reach two machines’ production capacity, and take less space. The speed is more than two times as the traditional pillow packing machine.  It is particularly suitable for production lines with high capacity like instant noodle production line, biscuit production line, cold drink and ice cream production line, ham sausage production line, medicinal board high-speed production line, soap production line and many other products suitable for pillow packing machine.

With the advanced equipment and good service, we become the assigned supplier on packing machine and auto feeding supporting products for many famous enterprises at home and abroad. A great number of big groups have fully popularized double-line packing machine to replace imported single-line packing machine. Automation, sanitation and securing on packaging is really realized with the high-speed auto aligning and feeding scheme. It avoids human placing and reduces the operating workers.

Main Clients

Master Kong, Sinar Mas Group, Shuanghui, New Hope, HAOYUE, HSU FU CHI, White Elephant Group, Mountains, Double Dove, Kindly, Hongda, Xinhua, Guan Sheng Yuan, Alpha Company, Atlantis, Cheering Food, Jiangquan, Contax, Kangkang, Tongji, Ge Luo Rui, Beijing Chang Chuan, Changzhou Medical Equipment Factory, Econazole, Liaoyang Pharmaceutical Machinery, MeTL Group、URC、Unistraw Holding Pte Ltd...


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