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Job title: packaging machinery sales

Number of visits: Date:2017-02-21

  Job title: packaging machinery sales

  Recruitment: 3-5

  Location: Qingdao City

  Salary: basic salary + commission.

  In order to expand the market share, sales manager and sales staff who have the experience of selling pillow packing machine

  Operating duty:

  The main development of food, pharmaceutical and other industries using packaging machinery customers

  1 assist general manager to set up marketing strategy plan, to provide advice and information support for major marketing decisions;

  2 make annual sales plan and organize the implementation;

  3 formulate and revise the related sales system, and supervise the implementation;

  4 to collect and analyze the potential customer information, there are plans to telephone appointment to visit customers, customer development;

  5 responsible for marketing, customer development, sales service and supervise the return work;

  6 participate in the construction of the company's total quality management system;

  7 other tasks assigned by supervisor.

  Qualifications and requirements:

  1 have more than 3 years sales experience in pillow packing machine, have excellent performance, excellent network sales experience and relevant channel is preferred;

  2 good market information collection, sorting and utilization;

  3 college degree or above, major in engineering or marketing;

  4 good communication skills and teamwork ability, strong sense of professionalism and responsibility;

  5 identification with company established sales strategy, can withstand greater pressure, and can accept the company performance evaluation;

  6 adapt to frequent business trip, have certain English communication ability and computer operation ability is preferred.

TypeInfo: Recruitment

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