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Qingdao Kexin Co., Ltd. with you at the 2017 Dusseldorf International Packaging Exhibition INTERPACK

Number of visits: Date:2017-05-06
May 4, 2017 ~10, 2017 Dusseldorf, Germany INTERPACK packaging exhibition,Qingdao Kexin Automatic Machinery Co.,Ltdbooth: 8B hall, D20-41, welcome to
Look forward to your company leaders and experts to visit the guidance!
Will display the pillow type dual medicine board I designed the production of automatic packaging machine.
Double row packaging machine can pack two packs of drug plate at the same time, you can use the original production line and site installation, production capacity doubled,  packaging speed up to 240 packs / min. The packaging machine is the only choice to meet the requirements of ultra high speed packaging.
The other is a super high speed medicine plate automatic packaging machine, the manufacturers use, aluminum foil film production speed of 160-200 bags / minute.
Qingdao Kexin Automatic Machinery Co.,Ltdwaiting for your presence!

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