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  • Name: Double series automatic packaging machine for packing various solid objects
  • Number: a01
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suitable for packing solid goods such as instant noodle, ice cream, biscuits, moon cakes, chocolate, wafer, yolk style, egg roll, bread, sausage, nori, frozen foods, medicines, medicine tablets(blister),infusion bag(bottles), soaps, toilet soaps,mosquito repellent, paper towel, toilet paper, cards, adhesive tape, disposible tableware(forks and knives)

Main features:
1.A roll film automatically translates into two packaging films, automatically packaging two items, instead two machines, space-saving, less manpower and electricity.
2.Touch panel control: Simple operation, plain display Electric designed mold, numeral control.
3.Three drive ways: Double frequency conversion, double servo, and 3-axis servo control, no transmission gearbox, stable and credible running, lower noise, tracking the accuracy high.
4.Materials position before and after adjustment: Automatic or inch push adjust.
5.Materials conveyor width adjustment: With one hand adjusts two conveyor widths at the same time.
6.The width of end sealer can adjust
7.Two adjustable bag formers can chain reactions adjust the height and width.
8.Vertical seal has hot traction - oriented wheel, adjustment traction - oriented angle when running, stable forming bags and control the width of center sealer, to save film (the Min. film width of 5 ml syringe is 95mm).
9.End sealer shearing blade is easy to adjust, tight and stable, long time running without shifting.

Optional devices:
1. Hot roll date batch printer.
2. Various automatic feeding systems.
3. Gusset device.
4. Waste-film cutting(and collecting device at center sealer).
5. Gas flushing device.
6. Alcohol-spraying device.
7. Automatic film splicer.
8. Shrink tunnel.

Technical parameters


MODEL KB37×2A KB37×2B KB37×2C KB25×2A KB25×2A
Max.Film Width     mm 370×2 370×2 370×2 250×2 250×2
Packing Speed   bags/min 140-360 140-320 80-260 140-380 140-460
length of bag      mm 70-340 80-440 100-520 70-340 40-170
packing width      mm 15-140 15-140 15-140 15-110 15-110
packing height     mm <40 <60 <85 <40 <40
Central distance lf sealing shaft mm 99 120 150 99 99
Central distance of conveyor chains    mm 380 380 380 255 255
Nominal power      Kw 5.8 5.8 5.6 5.6 5.6
dimension          m 5.6-3.6×1.35×1.54 4.6-3.6×1.35×1.54 4.6-3.6×1.35×1.54 4.6-2.8×1.15×1.54 4.6-2.8×1.15×1.54
Weight             Kg ≈1100 ≈1100 ≈1100 ≈900 ≈900

1. Different countries and regions require different Voltage.
2. Some parameters or function will be changed according to different packaging requirements.
3. Symmetrical type is available for easy operation.

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