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  • Name: Infusion automatic packaging machine
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Dialysis paper automatic pillow wrapping machine

Medical EO sterilization equipment
One-time Infusion Sets:1、2.5、5、10、20、30、50ml

Main features:
1、Sealing form: Three side seal, tight and firm, packing bag easily prints on both sides.
2、Cover the function of the dialysis paper, compound film, punching holes, forming bags, vertical and horizontal seal, cutting off and printing to match.
3、Paper and film sticking device: Automatic opening-closing, no manual, paper, and film printing position can be adjusted individually linkage adjustment. The path runs short, simple adjustments, convenience and savings packaging materials, stable and reliable.
4、Packaging machine control adopting modular design (no homemade PCB), digital set by HMI, PLC and univertor (or servo),intelligent temperature Control machines running. no transmission box, stable and credible running, lower noise, high precision.
5、End sealer is easy to adjust, tight and stable, long time running without shifting.
6、Vertical seal has traction - oriented  wheel (not heating), traction - oriented angle can be adjusted in operation, making Bag stability and control in molding closure width, to save film, to save film

Optional devices:
Hot roll date batch printer.





最大膜宽    (mm)

Max.Film Width      mm


透析纸宽度  (mm)

Width of dialysis paper


包装速度 (包/分)

Packing Speed   bags/min


包装袋长    (mm)

length of bag       mm


包装宽度    (mm)

packing width       mm


包装高度    (mm)

packing height      mm


额定功率    (Kw)

Nominal power       Kw


外形尺寸    (mm)

dimension           m


重    量    (Kg)

Weight              Kg


1、Different countries and regions require different Voltage.
2、Some parameters or function will be changed according to different packaging requirements

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