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  • Name: Bearing Packaging Machine
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Bearing Automatic Packaging Machine
Single bearing, multiple bearing, metal parts, non-PVC infusion bag, infusion bottle
The bearing automatic packaging machine we produced is based on our mature product pillow automatic packaging machine. It is a derivative product developed with special requirements for bearing. It is adopted several patent technologies, combine multiple functions: packing single or sets of bearing (more than two per roll) with plastic film, auto bagging, longitudinal & horizontal sealing, cutting and so on.  It has various advantages: such as auto control, easy operation, high efficiency and reliable packaging quality. It’s a kind of essential equipment which can reduce the packaging cost and realize the automation of production. 
Main features
1、Conveyor working table, border="1"  bag maker and other parts are stainless steel.
2、Automatic control function used in Japan Mitsubishi programmable controller, automatic control of the whole machine, with high lever automation, easy operation.
3、continuous change used Japan Mitsubishi frequency controller, realize the stepless speed changing for packaging.
4、automatic temperature control function: adopted 50V electric heating element, safe and reliable. Adopted Japan OMRON double digital PID intelligent temperature control instrument. Can correctly control the temperature for longitudinal and horizontal hot sealing respectively for the packaging bag . 
5、Safe protection function: it has multiple safe protection device, automatic inspect on the position, prevent from cutting material, have sealing and cutting shaft overload warning and stopage function, the vertical sealing device open or stop automatic clutch function etc. Greatly enhance the reliability and safety of equipment operation.
6、automatic counting function: as per clients’ requests, we can provide product cycle packaging automatic counting device, automatic sound signal when it reaches the set value.
7、packaging for various types: single bearing or sets of bearing (rolling packaging)
8、various cutting form: as per clients’ requests provide straight knife, wave knife etc. 
9、automatic printing: as per clients’ requirements provide various date and batch number printing machine. (Optional accessories)
10、Anti rust oil coating automatic feeding: customized individual can be based on user requirements
Technical parameters


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