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  • Name: Single lane ultrahigh-speed medicine board pillow wrapping machine
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Single lane ultrahigh-speed medicine board pillow wrapping machine


At present, in the pharmaceutical industry, the production speed of high-speed blister medicine board machine is usually over 500pcs/min. regular pillow packaging machine can not satisfy such capacity requirements of the high-speed blister board machine and the after-section high-speed cartoning machine. Kexin pillow wrapping machine can meet the requirements, the occupied area is small, and the labor is saved. The main machine of the pillow wrapping machine is matched with hundreds of imported production lines which are over 150meters' long and cost tens of millions of RMB, 24 hours continuous production is achieved, and it is proved that the degree of automation of wrapping is high; the performance is stable and reliable, and the failure rates is extremely low. Main electric appliances adopt the international first-class brands.

Optional devices:

1, Medicine board buffer storing device: it can be guaranteed that after the medicine boards enter the feeding machine, board falling is stable, standing and toppling will not happen. When the blister machine is lack of materials or a brief shutdown occurs, the after-section pillowing wrapping machine and the cartoning machine which are connected with the blister machine can work continuously.

2, Printer.

3, Desoxidant dropping device

4, Etc.





Max. Film Width (mm)


Packing Speed (bags/min)

160-200(Aluminum Foil Composite film)


200-400(Aluminum Plating film)

Length of bag (mm)


Packing width(mm)


Packing Height (mm)


Medicine Plate Length (mm)


Nominal Power (KW)


Dimension (mm)


Weight (KG)


Key words :

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